Anatomy and the Human Form

What is the Difference Between Life Drawing and Still Life Drawing?

What is the Difference Between Life Drawing and Still Life Drawing

There are two types of drawing exercises that both combine elements that create a picture based on models. If you ask ‘the difference between life drawing and still life drawing,’ this guide will help separate these two and relate to each other. Is Still Life Easier Than Life Drawing? Even though still life is often…

Principles of Academic Drawing

What is Academic Art

Not everyone goes to an official school or academy to learn about the principles of drawing, but you should know what these skills can teach you. If you’re curious to find out what kind of specialized skills academic drawing can improve, this guide will provide an insider’s view into that world. What is Academic Drawing?…

How to Draw a Pose Reference

Drawing a Pose Reference

We often think of life drawing as the final word in drawing any figure, but there is a little-known secret that you seldom hear about. Pose reference is an excellent method for drawing for artists who have plenty of ideas on how to draw a pose reference without needing to use a live model. Drawing…

Human Figure Drawing Made Easy

Human Figure Drawing Made Easy

The wonders of the human form are one of the most impressive and complicated organic creations we’ve ever known. Because the human figure is so celebrated, the continual practice of drawing anatomy parts is one drawing skill you might enjoy drawing as well. What is Figure Drawing? In a nutshell, figure drawing is the practice…

An Introduction to Classical Drawing

Classical Drawing

One of the most misunderstood aspects of learning to draw comes from classical drawing lessons and training. Aside from the strict nature of classical drawing, the secrets of the historical masters are unlocked and can give you a better perspective on daily drawing skills. What is Classical Drawing? If you’ve ever been to an art…

Can You Draw Without Guidelines?

Learning to Draw

Many art lovers and people who learn to draw find themselves producing stiff or robotic looking drawings, which lack character. This is often due to an over-reliance on the use of guidelines, rulers, straightedges. This frequently results in appearance dull and lifeless-looking images. Drawing with no guidelines? There are many simple approaches you can employ…