What is Geometric Drawing?

What is Geometric Drawing

Introduction to Geometric Drawing? You’ve heard about this before, but it doesn’t always apply to mechanical drawing, as you’ll soon find out. Geometric drawing for the average artist has everything to do with technical shapes that loosely revolve around basic mathematic principles. Examples of Basic Drawings You would be surprised at the simplicity of geometric…

Principles of Academic Drawing

What is Academic Art

Not everyone goes to an official school or academy to learn about the principles of drawing, but you should know what these skills can teach you. If you’re curious to find out what kind of specialized skills academic drawing can improve, this guide will provide an insider’s view into that world. What is Academic Drawing?…

How to Scale Up a Drawing Easily

How to Scale Up a Drawing

The grid method offers a simple method to create realistic drawings in proportion to many younger artists and school-age children. Read on to find out various methods to scale up a drawing using the grid method precisely to scale and image into a larger drawing. Related Posts How to Sketch: The Complete Guide What Are…

How to Draw Shadows on Buildings: A Beginners Guide

How to draw shadows on buildings

Do you want to learn how to draw shadows on buildings? If you want to draw buildings realistically, then learning how to draw shadows is a must.  Drawing shadows on buildings are different than what you’ll experience when you’re rendering shadows on natural forms. You need to start out slowly when you first start to…

How to Draw with Perspective

How to Draw in Perspective

Learning how to draw with perspective transforms you as an artist. Mastering the art of spatial awareness while putting something down on paper or canvas is a game-changer. You’re able to add depth and levity to your work with ease, transforming doodles into something spectacular – something tangible, something “heavy,” something real. Of course, learning…

How to Draw in 3D: The Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Draw 3D

   In drawing, one method above others tends to cause problems—the drawing of 3-D shapes. The basic rules of perspective and a drawing for 3-D shapes are drawing systems that many beginners tend to have difficulty perfecting. How to draw three-dimensional shapes. Draw 3D shapes by applying the basic rules of linear perspective. Other drawing…