Still Life

Still Life Drawing Tips

What is the Difference Between Life Drawing and Still Life Drawing?

What is the Difference Between Life Drawing and Still Life Drawing

There are two types of drawing exercises that both combine elements that create a picture based on models. If you ask ‘the difference between life drawing and still life drawing,’ this guide will help separate these two and relate to each other. Is Still Life Easier Than Life Drawing? Even though still life is often…

Principles of Academic Drawing

What is Academic Art

Not everyone goes to an official school or academy to learn about the principles of drawing, but you should know what these skills can teach you. If you’re curious to find out what kind of specialized skills academic drawing can improve, this guide will provide an insider’s view into that world. What is Academic Drawing?…

How to Scale Up a Drawing Easily

How to Scale Up a Drawing

The grid method offers a simple method to create realistic drawings in proportion to many younger artists and school-age children. Read on to find out various methods to scale up a drawing using the grid method precisely to scale and image into a larger drawing. Related Posts How to Sketch: The Complete Guide What Are…

How to Sketch: A Complete Guide

How to Sketch

You don’t have to be a professional artist to learn how to draw and sketch effectively. However, though the artist who can draw and sketch with ease are more likely to become more competent artists to create creative visual sketches. There are various methods to sketching that you can apply to advance and improve your…

Can You Draw Without Guidelines?

Learning to Draw

Many art lovers and people who learn to draw find themselves producing stiff or robotic looking drawings, which lack character. This is often due to an over-reliance on the use of guidelines, rulers, straightedges. This frequently results in appearance dull and lifeless-looking images. Drawing with no guidelines? There are many simple approaches you can employ…

Why Do I Draw So Slow? With Fixes

Why Do I Draw So Slow

If you’re an aspiring artist and learning how to draw, you might sometimes find yourself feeling a little lost. Sometimes sketches can be completed really quickly; other times, you might find yourself experiencing “artist’s block” and struggle to draw anything at all.  Why do I draw so slow? The main reason people draw slowly is…