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Are Graphite Pencils the Same as Charcoal Pencils?

Are Graphite Pencils the Same as Charcoal

In the creative world, it is almost impossible to get away from one essential tool; a pencil. Regardless of whether you are an established artist, an architect, a highly established artist, or just a drawing enthusiast, good charcoal or graphite pencil is one of the most critical components of your drawing supplies. Today, there are…

The Best Books on Drawing Landscapes

Best Books For Drawing Landscape

Drawing landscapes is an inseparable part of our artistic lives. We have a natural urge to capture the world surrounding us, whether we talk about desolate fields or a busted metropolis. This is why a lot of explanatory books and instructional guides on how to draw some realistic and vivid landscapes have made their appearance…

Markers vs. Colored Pencils: Understanding the Difference

Markers Vs Colored Pencils Whats the Difference?

Markers vs. colored pencils. That’s a debate that has rage amongst artists for years. Some artists claim that the superior precision and control of colored pencils makes them a better medium. Artists who prefer markers will tell you that the speed you can lay color down on paper with markers makes them the better choice….

Do Colored Pencils Expire or Dry Out?

Do Colored Pencils Expire or Dry Out

Why Do Colored Pencils Expire? Let’s say you finally decide to get out your favorite box of colored pencils to do some drawing, then Oops! They don’t seem to work anymore like they used to. The color might be scratchy or doesn’t spread on the paper like before. Worse yet, the color tip keeps breaking-off…

How to Choose the Best Drawing Paper for Graphite

Best Drawing Paper for Graphite

Are you wondering how to choose the best drawing paper for graphite? Telling you that anyone paper is better than others isn’t an option here. As an artist, you should select a paper that suits your needs. If that means drawing on smooth, high-quality paper, then that’s what you should do. If that means drawing…

Are Drawing Classes Worth It? (And how to find the right class)

Are Drawing Lessons Worth It

The last thing you might expect to hear in the current crisis we’re facing is: are drawing classes worth it? As an art student since 1988, I can assure you that they are entirely worth your time and effort. Not only do these take your mind off of the daily stress and worry, but this…