Creating Textured Drawings

Collaging is a great way to add depth and interest to your artwork. You can try combining it with drawing for an innovative experience that will make you feel creative!

Learn to Sketch Effortlessly

Discover practical ways to develop your sketches.

Develop a Creative Approach to Drawing that Minimizes Mistakes

Learn to observe and quickly sketch ideas.

Not Sure How to Begin Sketching?

Cultivate skills that will help you sketch on location confidently.

Do You Lack Creativity?

Dramatically improve your creativity. If you lack inspiration, you will learn to develop creative ideas quickly.

Sketching on Location

Suppose you want to sketch landscapes or urban views. Develop drawing techniques that will enable you to sketch rapidly and with confidence.

The 3-hour course will help you Level up your drawing and sketching skills from hobbyist to advanced. You’ll learn the techniques that make sketches appear expressive and aesthetically pleasing in no time!

My Course Also Includes 3 HOURS OF VIDEO and ARTISTS DATABASE!

Drawing Lines of Action

The related artists’ database is essential for any artist seeking inspiration.

Drawing an Old Man

With these videos, you’ll be able to create your own game in no time easily.

Develop Your Drawing Skills

Learn how to draw and create a textured collage with instructional videos


Master the skill of collage and gestural drawing.

What’s Included In Your Purchase?

Video Course

Section One: Gestural Drawing

Introduction timed sketching

5-minute sketch

10-minutes sketch

15-minute sketch

Drawing with your opposite hand

Drawing with both hands

Continuous line drawing

Silhouette drawing

Silhouette outlines

Planar recession

Drawing from memory

Section Two: Drawing on Location 

Creating a viewing frame

Framing a Viewpoint on location

Simple landscape sketching on location

Sketching quickly on location

Section Three: Texture

Mark making

Examples of how to take rubbings

Introduction texture and frottage 

Drawing natural forms with ink

Collage techniques

Create a textured landscape

Downloadable Workbooks & Artist Database

Learn about the concepts of drawing and collage.

Each concept is outlined in both Illustrated PDF File eBook Formate print or save to your tablet.

Each task Includes short creative exercises that reinforce the idea. 

As a drawing enthusiast, you will look for quick and effective techniques to help you improve your drawing. Creating textured drawings will provide this

Creating Textured Drawings Package

Get Both The Video Course & eBook Guides.

Plus, Artist Database At A Discounted Price!

3 Hours Of Video Demonstrations

21 Individual Video Demonstrations

Downloadable Content