How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Easy

Lightning bolts are characterized by sharp zigzag lines, which suggest power and heavy rainfall.

In this post, I will outline how to draw a simple lightning bolt in pencil, beginning with simple basic shapes and focusing on action lines, repeated shapes, and background.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Step by Step

Materials and Equipment-

  • Pencil and
  • Paper-
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Eraser (optional)
  • Draw from reference images or work purely from your imagination.

You can find essential drawing equipment to complete this task here:  Click here to view my basic equipment list.

Lightning Bolt Sketch Outlines

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Easy
How to Draw a Lightning Bolt Easy

Do you want to boost your confidence? All drawing styles improve with practice.

So if you need to practice and perfect your image, repeat the process on a piece of scrap paper or copy sheet.

Stap 1 Faintly Draw the Basic Outline Shape with a Pencil.

You can make a lightning bolt outline in minutes. To create your sketch, use a pencil to draw the lines.

Begin with a horizontal line at the very top of the lightning bolt.

Move the pencil to the left and draw a zigzag line pointing downwards.

The basic outline shape of a lightning bolt consists of a simple zigzag form. To begin to draw the bolt's outline.

Make sure they are jagged and uneven.

After you've completed drawing the basic shape, go over it with a slightly darker pencil or pen to make it more visible.

Step 2 Draw a Zigzag Outline.

As I mentioned above, it only contains straight lines in this tutorial. So, draw zigzags at the bottom. With an emphasis on the zigzag shape of the lines

Step 3 Draw the tip of the Lightning Bolt.

Draw the tip of the lightning bolt. All of your zigzag lines should now converge at the tip of the lightning bolt.

Step 4 Refine the Shape of Lightning Bolt Drawing.

Once of basic outline shape has been. Finish the outline shape to create the right side. 

You can draw an additional zigzag line to create the illusion of activity and energy.

Draw Background Features

To place your lightning bot into context, you can add an additional horizontal line to create a basic horizon. This is a great way to add context to your drawing.

Draw Additional Lightning Bolts

Drawing additional lightning bolts is an effective way to make an effective visual impact as collective bolts can be combined to create tears across the sky and the impression of mass-energy.

How to Draw a Lightning Bolt with Markers?

This is a simple way to learn to draw lightning using markers. Draw directly onto the paper using the basic instructions outlined above. Favorite art supplies include Copic markers and sharpies felt tip pens tools to help you create your drawing.

You can go on to add color after this. It's critical that you continue working while the color is still wet. You work one area at a time.

Third, you'll need colors that match smooth color transitions. When the differences between the marks are great, it will result in softer edges.


How Do you Draw a Flash Drawing Step by Step?

Flash Drawing
Flash Drawing

In the tradition of Pop imagery, a Flash drawing can be drawn and designed in the same manner as a lighting bolt.

Flash Logo can be depicted with a bold online and a circular background.

Consider how different colors can be utilized and combined to enable the flash to have more of an impact.

The original flash bolt is yellow; however, complementary color schemes can be applied to the design to produce a range of color variations.

How Do you Draw Lightning in Pencil?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to draw a lightning bolt in pencil:

1. Start by drawing a faintly drawn curved guideline at the top of the lightning bolt.

2. Draw a zigzag line coming down from the top curve. This will be the main body of the lightning

How Do you Draw a Bolt?

Start by drawing a curved line. Then, add another curved line above it. Next, draw a zigzag line between the two curves. Finally, erase any extra lines, and you're done!

How do you Draw a Lightning Bolt for Kids?

Focus on drawing simple light shapes. Start by drawing a zigzag line. Then, add a line on top of it. Finally, connect the two lines at the bottom to complete the lightning bolt!


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