How to Draw an Umbrella Easily

Have you ever wondered if you could learn how to draw an umbrella easily? For a pretty complex object, learning how to draw it can be broken down into a series of steps.

  • If you want to draw an umbrella, start by sketching a basic outline of the object.
  • Next, add in the details like the metal components and fabric.
  • Finally, shade and color your drawing to give it dimension and realism.
  • With a little practice, anyone can quickly learn how to draw an umbrella!

Basic Equipment You Will Need

Then before you know it, drawing an umbrella will be easy for you. What kind of essential equipment will you need to draw an umbrella?

Assuming you’re going to be drawing and not painting, you’ll need smooth paper, graphite pencils of differing hardness, and pens for inking if you desire.

You can find essential drawing equipment to complete this task here:  Click here to view my basic equipment list.

Drawing An Umbrella Using Simple Shape

When drawing an umbrella, an interesting approach is to draw it from the side while it’s open. While this might not seem like the most challenging approach, it can work out quite well if you take the time to create an exciting color scheme or design.

When you draw anything, the most straightforward approach is to start with simple shapes, then slowly add detail until you reach a finished point.

Draw A Semi-Circle

Draw A Simple Semi-Circle
Draw A Simple Semi-Circle

When an umbrella is open, and you look at the upper part from above, it’s a circle. So, it becomes a semi-circle when you’re looking at it from the side. So, draw your circle.

If you need the aid of a stencil or another round object, you can use it to get the shape right. That’s fine. Get that circle drawn, then erase the bottom half of it. Just like that, you’ve created the most prominent basic shape in your drawing.

Draw A Horizontal Line At The base Of The Semi-Circle

Draw A Horizontal Line At The base Of The Semi Circle
Draw A Horizontal Line At The base Of The Semi-Circle

A solid line rarely works well when you’re drawing anything, but in the case of an umbrella, or any artificial object for that matter, solid edges are to be expected.

You need to define the edge or your umbrella clearly, so go ahead and sketch in a line at the bottom of the semi-circle you’ve just drawn.

Subdivide Your Semi-Circle Into Six Sections

Subdivide Your Semi Circle Into Six Sections
Subdivide Your Semi Circle Into Six Sections

What allows an umbrella to fold and pop open, creating a rigid fabric surface that protects you from the rain? The spines support the fabric, and you need to draw those.

Without details like spines in an umbrella, all that you have is a semi-circle. The easiest way to draw the spines is to divide your semi-circle into six sections. You should use a ruler when you do this so that you don’t end up with irregularly spaced spines.

Draw Curved Line Which Meets At The Apex

Once you’ve measured out the distance on your semi-circle, you’ll need to draw the lines that indicate where the spines are.

For this part of the drawing, you won’t be able to use a ruler since the lines will curve. This is why it’s essential to use a light touch and to sketch in the lines lightly. Start from the bottom, then sketch in curved lines that meet at the central apex of the semi-circle.

Draw A Vertical Line

Draw a Vertical Line
Draw a Vertical Line

With the central part of the umbrella drawn, the next step is to give it a handle. Measure out the center of the semi-circle and then draw a vertical line that descended down.

This is your handle. Remember, a line is a good starting point, but the handle of an umbrella isn’t a line. It’s a tube, so make sure to give it some volume.

Draw The Handle With A Curved Line

Draw the Handle Using a Curved Line
Draw the Handle Using a Curved Line

Don’t forget to add the curve at the end once you have the central part of your umbrella handle sketched in.

The curve is where people hold the umbrella when it’s open, and it’s also what they use to hang it up for storing when it’s not in use.

Add Color Or Bold Outline to Your Umbrella

Once you have your umbrella sketched out, you’ll have some decisions to make. How do you want the final drawing to look? Should you go through and carefully render it?

Or should you leave it more of a sketch? Would a bold outline suit your style? What about color?

Markers or colored pencils can work very well to quickly add color to a drawing while still giving the artist a lot of control. At this point, the hard part is done. Now it’s time to be creative and finish your drawing in a style that suits you.


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