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Portrait Sketchbooking: Explore The Human Face (A Review)

Portrait Sketchbooking Explore The Human Face

Portrait Sketchbooking By Gabriela Niko There are methods of learning how to draw that are pretty different than the traditional method of going to art school and earning a degree. This course by Gabriela Niko is in-depth training that allows you to learn valuable methods for drawing that are available for everyone without needing to…

Drawing Dynamic Figures: A Detailed Guide

Drawing Dynamic Figures

What is Dynamic Figure Drawing Dynamic figure drawing can be the difference between a highly successful drawing or painting and one that seems stagnant and dull. One of the most challenging things for an artist is to convey a sense of motion and energy in a drawing or painting. A drawing or painting is a…

The Ten Best Online Pencil Drawing Classes

Best Pencil Drawing Classes 2022

Whether you are a professional or an aspiring artist, you already know that you need to practice more for you to reach your peak potential. Regardless of how advanced you are in your art practice, or what form your creativity in art takes, your work will only improve if you consistently draw. Simply put, drawing…

The Best Online Drawing Courses that are Actually Worth the Money

Best Online Drawing Course 2022

Best Online Drawing Courses Updated 2022 Are you looking for the best online drawing courses? If you are, then you need to take the time to learn about any online drawing course you are considering taking. You need to choose a reputable educator and choose a course that will provide you with valuable knowledge and…

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How to Draw a Horses Head: A Step by Step Tutorial

Drawing a Horses Head

Do you want to learn how to draw a horse’s head? It’s really not as difficult as it may seem. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to create an accurate and realistic drawing of a horse’s head. We’ll start with the basics, such as drawing the outline of the head and adding features like…

How to Erase Pencil Without an Eraser?

How to Erase Pencil Without an Eraser

How to Erase Pencil Without an Eraser? There will come a time in every artist’s life when they need to erase pencil lines but don’t have an eraser. Maybe you’re working on a drawing or sketch and realize that you don’t like how something looks and need to start over. Whatever the reason, here is…

How Do You Draw a Blind Contour ?


Creating a Blind Contour Drawing? One of the most unique experiences is using your visual senses to create a blind contour. Yet, if you want to know- how do you draw a blind contour, this information-packed guide gives you plenty of instructional tips. Let’s get started! Blind Contour Drawing Exercises What you’ll need for a…

How to Draw Water

How to Draw Water

Drawing water can be challenging to draw due to its continual change and movement. Are you looking for some simple drawing techniques that will teach you how to draw water and sketch the water’s surface? The following post will outline some simple methods to help draw water simply and easily. How do you draw water and waves? The…

Can You Sketch Over Acrylic Paint?

Can You Sketch Over Acrylic Paint

Many mixed media artists choose to combine materials, which, when first considered, may not be a logical choice. If you want to extend your understanding of drawing techniques that you can use in combination with acrylic paint. Then drawing on top of them is an excellent way to start. In fact, drawing on top of…

Movement Drawings: Creating Motion Drawings

How to Create Movement in Drawings

How To Create Movement In A Drawing Figuring out how to create movement in a drawing is one of the biggest challenges that artists at all experience levels will face. The very idea that you can create motion drawings while drawing or painting a static image might seem strange, but it’s something that artists have…