How to Draw a Simple Igloo

Easiest Way To Draw An Easy Igloo?

An igloo is both a simple structure and one of the most easily recognizable structures on the planet. You automatically think of warm beaches and the ocean if you see an igloo, right?

No, that’s right, you think about cold, ice, and snow.

That’s because igloos are widely known to be a shelter used in cold climates that ingeniously use ice walls to keep the occupants much warmer than they would be outside.

Given how interesting and recognizable they are, wanting to learn how to draw a simple igloo might help you to explore a unique subject that can prove to be surprisingly challenging.

Things You Need?

An igloo is a simple structure, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an intricate drawing or painting of one. The materials that you’ll need depend on your personal preferences.

Assuming you’ll be working with graphite, having pencils with different levels of hardness, an eraser, and a smooth sheet of paper is a good starting point.

You can find essential drawing equipment to complete this task here:  Click here to view my basic equipment list.

How Do You Draw an Easy Igloo
How Do You Draw an Easy Igloo

How Do You Draw A Dome?

The general shape of an igloo is that of a dome. How can you draw a dome? You could do it freehand, but doing it this way can be surprisingly tricky.

That leaves you two options.

Option one, you can use a compass.

Option two, you can find something around, set it on your paper, then draw an outline around the upper half.

Draw Semi-Circle Light Outline

Draw Semi-Circle Light Outline
Draw Semi-Circle Light Outline

The semi-circle outline of the igloo should be the first thing that you draw. You should sketch lightly because the dome you are drawing will not be a part of the finished drawing.

It will be an outline that you can use to serve as a guide while you go through and add more details to the drawing.

Draw The Base Of The Igloo

Drawing the base of the igloo is actually one of the simpler parts of the process. You see, you can’t actually see the base of an igloo.

That’s because the base of an igloo is surrounded by snow. So, you should sketch out the general shape of the base, but then you should also sketch in a layer of snow around it.

If it’s cold enough for an igloo, there will be snow continuing to fall after it’s been built. That snow will build up around the edges of the igloo, creating an uneven layer around it.

Draw The Curved Entrance

Igloos don’t have a lot of fancy doors and windows that you’ll have to draw, which will cut down on the amount of work for you.

They do have a single curved entrance, so make sure that you have it sketched in place before you start adding any details.

Draw Individual Ice Blocks Using Vertical Lines

Draw Individual Ice Blocks Using Vertical Lines
Draw Individual Ice Blocks Using Vertical Lines

An igloo has a generally semi-circular shape, but that shape is made up of a series of blocks. How do you draw these blocks?

You can go through and draw one at a time, but chances are that you’ll find this to be quite tedious by the end.

You’ll probably also struggle with keeping the blocks roughly the same size. An alternative is to sketch a series of vertical lines in your igloo.

Sketch these lightly, and make sure that you follow the curve of the igloo when you are sketching them in.

Draw Horizontal Lines

The next step in creating the blocks that the igloo is made of is to sketch in a series of vertical lines.

Again, sketch these in lightly, and make sure that you follow the curve of the igloo when you are sketching them.

Once you have your horizontal and vertical lines drawn, you should end up with what looks like a curving grid.

Draw Slightly Curved Lines

It’s essential that any lines you draw on an igloo are slightly curved and that those curves follow the shape of the igloo. You can’t draw curved lines just to draw curved lines. It has to be done with a purpose.

When you have curved lines that follow the shape of the igloo, it will enhance your drawing and make it appear more three-dimensional. If you don’t, and your lines are straight, your igloo will look flat and unnatural.

Draw A Straight Line To Draw Ice Bricks

Once your gird of horizontal and vertical curved lines is in place, it’s time to draw some straight lines.

That’s right, straight lines. Igloos are made of bricks, and the bricks have roughly straight lines. While you will be using a curved grid as a guide, the actual bricks should be straight. This will give the bricks form while also using the curved understructure to enforce the overall shape of the igloo.

Related Questions:

How Do You Color An Igloo Drawing?

If you decide to add color to an igloo, you can use anything from colored pencils to watercolors. The real question that you’re probably wondering about is what color should you add to an igloo?

Igloos are made of compacted snow, and snow, despite appearing primarily white, is not pure white.

There is a range of greys, some purples, and the most notable blues in snow. So, your igloo should feature all of these colors, with particular attention paid to darker areas of shadow where these colors will be more prominent.

Who Lives In An Igloo?

Igloos have been used in the arctic by native Eskimo people for centuries. While made of snow, Igloos are still much warmer on the inside than they are on the outside.

This is because snow is mostly air, which is a good insulator. Igloos also take advantage of the fact that warm air rises, so the place where people reside usually has a lower, empty chamber beneath it.

While far from comfortable, igloos do maintain a considerably warmer internal temperature compared with the outdoors, and they also provide protection against the wind and other elements.


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