Landscape drawing tips

How to Draw Water

How to Draw Water

Drawing water can be challenging to draw due to its continual change and movement. Are you looking for some simple drawing techniques that will teach you how to draw water and sketch the water’s surface? The following post will outline some simple methods to help draw water simply and easily. How do you draw water and waves? The…

What is Dry Media in Art?

What is Dry Drawing Media

What Is Dry Media? What is dry media? When you decide to pursue art, either as a hobby or professionally, you have some decisions to make. While there’s nothing wrong with working with all different media types, if you want to get proficient at something, you’ll need to focus your time and energy in that…

Mark Making Techniques: The Fundamentals

Mark Making Techniques

When it comes to drawing, the action itself is depicted by making a series of marks onto a piece of paper. Many of these marks are very specific and allow an artist to create different textures easily recognized by the human eye. Among the most important marks that you will want to know more about…

How to Create a Torn Paper Landscape Collage

Textured torn paper

How Do You Make a Ripped Paper Collage? You might think that making a collage is easy to put down any piece of paper onto your main background paper to create an image. The reality is more in-depth and requires some critical planning, but aside from that, it’s a process that will be an unorthodox…

Pen and Ink with Watercolor Wash Techniques

Pen and Ink and Watercolor Washes

Combining artistic styles is always a load of fun, especially when adding pen and ink to watercolor drawings. You’ll also want to know what works and what might end up being a dismal failure, so here are the best tricks with this style you’ll need to know. Creating a Pen and Ink Drawing One of…

Creating Pen and Ink Drawings With Watercolor Washes

Pen and Ink Drawing with Watercolor Washes

The creativity behind CREATING PEN AND INK DRAWINGS does not require all that professionalism you imagine. Whatever you need most are simple artistic skills, most of which you learn by constant practice. Any drawing you make through these mediums should always depict high levels of value, texture, and color for even a better appreciation. How…