Landscape drawing tips

How to Draw Clouds with Charcoal

How to Draw Clouds with Charcoal

Drawing Clouds with Charcoal Drawing clouds is a technique that might sound very tricky to draw, but using charcoal makes it easier. This DIY guide will give you plenty of instructional ideas on how to create clouds on paper. You can also learn about how to refine your cloud drawing skills using these pro tips…

How to Draw Realistic Rain

How to Draw Realistic Rain

Do you aspire to learn how to draw rain and put a raining effect into your drawings? Nothing beats a rainy day mood than to add some dramatic skyline showers. But before you get started, some helpful tricks can make your landscapes look even better. HOW TO DRAW RAIN Many people make the same mistake…

How to Scale Up a Drawing Easily

How to Scale Up a Drawing

The grid method offers a simple method to create realistic drawings in proportion to many younger artists and school-age children. Read on to find out various methods to scale up a drawing using the grid method precisely to scale and image into a larger drawing. Related Posts How to Sketch: The Complete Guide What Are…

How to Sketch: A Complete Guide

How to Sketch

You don’t have to be a professional artist to learn how to draw and sketch effectively. However, though the artist who can draw and sketch with ease are more likely to become more competent artists to create creative visual sketches. There are various methods to sketching that you can apply to advance and improve your…

Can You Draw Without Guidelines?

Learning to Draw

Many art lovers and people who learn to draw find themselves producing stiff or robotic looking drawings, which lack character. This is often due to an over-reliance on the use of guidelines, rulers, straightedges. This frequently results in appearance dull and lifeless-looking images. Drawing with no guidelines? There are many simple approaches you can employ…

How to Draw a Forest Background: A Step by Step Guide

How to Draw a Forest Background

Drawing background trees is a lesson into perspective that is done through adding layers. These layers give the illusion of distance, which in return makes your drawing look more realistic. So you want to know how to draw a forest background? Here are some great tutorial tips that make it easier for any drawing to…