Drawing Ideas When Sad

Drawing Depression When You're Sad?

When you ask artists or art enthusiasts this question, they will tell you they use whatever pops into their minds for their subject. It is easy for them to express their sadness in their drawing because they use symbols and colors to emphasize the subject they opt to work with.

Below are some drawing ideas when sad. Also, each is often used as a subject by a sad person when they draw.

* It can be their loved one.

* Their favorite place

* The person they most admire

* A person who is alone

* An individual weeping and seemingly asking for help.

* A crowded place with a person alone in a corner

* An individual who appears injured

* A headless person, not seeing where they are heading

* An individual crying blood

* Somebody alone, in a dark room with a look of hopelessness.

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    How to Draw Depression

    Sad doodles can help people process emotions and make sense of their feelings. You can express your sadness by using doodle art.

    Doodle art has no rules, and you can use abstract or any pattern you prefer. You can choose any color, size, and shape.

    People use it when they want to put their feelings into paper as it lessens their unease. When they are sad, they also have the paper ready to doodle whatever comes to mind. A pen is used in making doodles and often uses colors to ease someone’s sadness once they see various colors. It calms them and provides peace to their sad thoughts.

    Sad doodle is also one way for someone to relieve distressing thoughts, grant a distraction from troubling ideas, and provide mental tranquility after.

    There are no rules in doodle art and sad doodle, and anyone who can draw, even with just lines and circles, can do this art. Sad doodle is a well-known distraction from stress, anxiety, and melancholic thoughts. Take a look at this post which will provide you with an extensive list of Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

    Drawing Ideas When Sad
    How to Draw Depression

    Keep an Art Journal or Sketchbook

    An art journal contains drawings and words of the artists' feelings while doing the artwork. It can contain distinct art styles and is often a tool when experimenting with showing creativity. There is no need to be perfect, and it is alright to make mistakes cause this is how you will learn and be better with the help of your art journal.

    An art journal can also help you see your improvement as you continuously make an art piece, or you can also have a copy of the artwork with the various moods you are in while doing your art. It can serve as a witness to how your art develops through the years as well.

    A sketchbook is also a tool to practice sketching or drafting your artwork. It can contain various collections of sketches and quick drawings with a few corrections to be made. A sketchbook can help an artist draw their ideas when it pops into their head and when they want to capture it for the time being.

    When you are sad, a sketchbook can be an ally. As an artist, you can use it anytime you need it, and anywhere you may be.

    Nowadays, some artists use a digital sketchbook, while others still use the traditional paper version. Both are valuable because of how it helps hold your feelings and inspiration daily through the drawings and sketches you make.

    It is not just something that holds how you feel in one moment but also helps hone your craft. Sketchbooks may be used daily, weekly, or with every inspiration strike. There is no rule, no boundaries with every page, and no judgment.

    Express Your Feeling Through Your Drawings

    Express Your Feeling Through Your Drawings
    Express Your Feeling Through Your Drawings

    It is believed that a person with so much going on in their life is more inspired when they draw.

    Because it is in drawing where one is free to express how one feel, one can also experiment or create stories using different subjects and characters in their drawing.

    You can use drawing to let out that negativity when you feel counteractive. You don’t have to keep the trouble, anxiety, agony, or stress inside because drawing can divert that feeling and make it into something wonderful.

    You also have so much inspiration because of overflowing emotions when happy or ecstatic. You have a clear head; you see the beauty around you, and everything is colorful. Positive emotion can be your way to create an exceptional drawing.

    A drawing can be an outlet when you want to communicate something you cannot say aloud. Drawing is the best form of self-expression, specifically for people who have issues voicing out their feelings and when all they know is suppressing them.

    Please look at this drawing and sketching video course I have createdUse this link.

    Draw Subjects That Will Lift Your Mood

    Drawing can express negative or positive emotions and can be an antidote to a foul mood. When you draw something you feel happy about, it can change your outlook or distract your current feelings. It can improve your mood and soothe emotions.

    It can be your favorite item, an animal, food, a place, or a drawing of a person you love.

    There are endless subjects that a person may find so much meaning in. What could be meaningful to someone may be nonsense to others.

    Drawing can be a distraction as it redirects your feelings of frustration, sadness, or even anger and helps you create something astonishing and beautiful.

    How to Create a Sad Drawing of Someone

    How Do You Draw Someone Sad
    How Do You Draw Someone Sad

    If you need to make someone look sad in a drawing, you must emphasize the following details.

    * By using a frown and pout lips

    * Use crinkled-up eyebrows

    * Draw droopy shoulders

    * Furrowed brows show frustration and displeasure.

    * A person in anguish and pain can also cry heavily.

    * Head hanging low with lip pouting,

    Why Do I Draw Better When I'm Sad?

    Drawing is like an outlet to most people, and when you are sad, you also feel the urge to draw, especially if you are good at it or have vast knowledge.

    When you draw, you are helping yourself forget what you are feeling and focus on your work. You are also channeling the negativity instead of oppressing your sad thoughts.

    And this helps make you draw better every time you feel sad cause drawing is like a meditative practice. As your creation slowly develops into something impressive and outstanding, this calms you.

    The sad feeling you have also lessened, and even the negative emotions slowly decline.

    Is Drawing Good For Depression?

    Creative activities can lessen someone’s depression. Drawing is one creative activity that helps someone cope with depression. As your mind is focused on your drawing, your mind releases creative energy instead, which helps you to recover from depression.

    Conflicting emotions can cause depression, and some people, don’t know how to handle such feelings, which can lead to self-destruction.

    Others will have an outlet for such and use their drawing skills instead to combat such feelings. It can be a feeling of hopelessness, loss, or extreme despair. It is difficult to avoid such emotions for people since they also cannot understand why they have such negative and conflicting emotions.

    Drawing can help the mind relax, get busy and not think negative thoughts but focus on the artwork.

    Ideas You Can Express Through Your Drawing:

    You can express several ideas through drawing; it is a healthy outlet for anyone to show what they feel. Some who are angry may display their anger differently and even hurt themselves or others. For further inspiration, read Graphite Drawing Ideas Inspiration and Sketches.

    Then some anxious individuals don’t know how to handle their anxiety, which makes them seem half-alive. People who feel fear in their life may not live fully, always thinking about things that may not have a chance of happening, but they are thinking about it, and it is not making them live as they should.

    Drawing is a different way of facing your emotions cause you can convey them without harming yourself. There is a higher satisfaction when you reveal your feelings through art as you see the result of your artwork.

    Sad Drawing Ideas: Ideas You Can Express Through Drawing:


    Sad Drawing

    Drawing or art therapy can help individuals slow down and manage their depression. Drawing engages the mind and challenges it instead of letting it wallow in anxiety, stress, and depressing thoughts.

    When you are depressed, hundreds of things worry you, and you can’t find the strength to resist its clout on you that it is already affecting your daily activity and how you face other people.

    If you use drawing, your mind will focus on being creative because it helps the body release dopamine, a natural anti-depressant. When you draw, your body meditates, and the calming effect will help promote psychological health.

    Drawing ideas for depression includes a person without a face looking in front of the mirror. The color is dark, and the mirror appears rusty and old.

    A woman entering her bedroom removes a mask with every step, and the room gets darker and appears ominous.

    Lost Hope

    When you feel like all hope is lost, you can also use drawing as an outlet.

    There are symbols of hopelessness, a deserted road, dark and dismal backgrounds, and gloomy shadows.

    Depressing things to draw can be a desolate and abandoned road that a person is about to pass through, and no light is in sight. The removal of light indicates that the person has no one to help him with his journey and is feeling hopeless.


    There are so many ideas when you want to draw about friendship. It is something that evokes such a heartwarming feeling in any artist.

    Friendship ideas can be intertwined, symbolizing that two people agree, have the same outlook, and support each other, which is what friendship offers.

    Another idea of friendship is having someone with you while waiting for the sunset or people laughing together heartily.

    Sad Things to Draw When You're Lost

    When you are lost, you don’t know how to make the right decision.

    When feeling lost, the most symbolic drawing to use is a crossroads. When one is at a crossroads, one does not know the right way.

    Some symbol of feeling lost is being in the middle of a tornado and not knowing how to get out or escape. You are lost, and there seems to be no way out.

    Misunderstood Ideas

    When you are misjudged, there is also a feeling of hopelessness and being alone or depressed. You want people to be there to support and listen to you, but you feel misunderstood.

    Drawing ideas when you are misunderstood can be a person with a shadow bigger than himself as if it will consume him.

    Another is a drawing of someone staying in one corner with a hovering dark cloud above him. Other people around him are all conversing and having the best time. The person may feel as if nobody understands him, and the feeling is slowly eating him up.

    Drawing About Love

    When the subject is love, ideas may be endless. The most common drawing idea for love is two people getting married. They can be in their wedding ensemble looking at the sunrise, which symbolizes a new beginning.

    It can be as simple as two people in love holding each other’s soft and smooth hands when they are still young and when their hands are all wrinkly, filled with lines and spots.

    What is Art Therapy?

    Art therapy is the application of visual and creative arts to help heal and provide health benefits. It is believed that art therapy assists in treating anxiety, depression, as well as, a post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Art Therapy may or may not include a therapist to assist you in healing, and you can do the activity at home.

    When art therapy is mentioned, it includes sketching, collage making, sculpting, drawing, painting, art journaling, and sketching.

    Art therapy allows people to hone their creativity and helps improve their mental health with anxiety, depression, trauma, attention disorders, and more.

    Some Known Benefits of Art Therapy Are:

    Stress Alleviation

    Art therapy helps eliminate the stress you feel and will relax and calm your mind. It will help you focus on the art instead of concentrating on making you anxious, depressed, and stressed.

    Art therapy is a great way to relieve stress and other mental strain.

    Emotional Expression

    When you are doing art, it helps you divert your emotions to it. Art therapy will let you release the fear and help you express anger or sadness in your drawing, which can benefit your emotional health.

    Some people cannot express what they are feeling in words cause they are used to keeping their feelings inside, and with the help of Art Therapy, they now have an outlet.

    Mood Improvement

    When people are creative, they don’t have time to feel the negativity within themselves. They are focused on the artwork instead of certain emotions that do not motivate them or help them achieve the life they deserve.

    When they are not focusing on doubt, their mood improves.

    Increase Self-Esteem

    Instead of wallowing in the negativity one feels, one can help increase self-esteem by accomplishing an artwork. It will then improve confidence, lessen self-criticism, and inspire self-love.

    Learning About Oneself

    When you have pent-up feelings and don’t understand your emotions, you have difficulty expressing them. With art therapy, you can discover your true self. With the help of art, you can recognize emotions and acknowledge them simultaneously.

    A Cure For Stress

    Art therapy will slowly ease such stress when a person is stressed, anxious, or has emotional trauma. It will instead repose the mind and the body, leading to decompressing the mind. It will also help the person leave the stress and depression behind.

    Heighten Happiness

    With the help of art therapy, anyone who lacks the brain chemical dopamine can feel motivated, which leads to finishing artwork and elevating happiness.

    The lack of dopamine causes some people to feel depressed and hopeless as if they have nothing to look forward to and find no reason to be happy. Art therapy can help these people to feel alive and find a purpose in life.

    Who Is The Best Candidate For Art Therapy?

    All groups, individuals, couples, or even those without issues with their emotions or self-expression can benefit. Nearly everyone can gain from this therapy, and even if you have no talent for the art, you can still attain something as the value is in the result and what difference or change it will bring to your life.

    Create Art With My Favourite Drawing Resources

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    Sketching and Collage. Take a look at this sketching resource I have created. Use this link.

    Proko. Is one of my favorite teachers who surpasses in the teaching of Anatomy and Figure drawing. Prokos course breaks down the drawing of the human body into easy-to-follow components aiding the beginner to make rapid progress. For this, I really like Proko.

    Art Easels. One of my favorite ways to draw is by using a drawing easel, which develops the skill of drawing on a vertical surface. The H frame easel is an excellent vertical way to add variety to the style and type of marks you create when using a drawing board.

    To see all of my most up-to-date recommendations, check out this resource I made for you.


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