Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners

Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners
Easy Drawing Ideas

There are many approaches and methods that you can use to develop different drawing ideas and techniques. However, a straightforward approach is to draw basic simple subjects, objects and drawing ideas.

This post includes a comprehensive list of simple drawing ideas you can attempt if you are new to drawing and sketching.

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Easy Things to Draw

Drawing Ideas for Beginners

When thinking about easy things to draw, you will need to make some essential decisions about how you wish to draw and represent your subject. 

Still Life Drawing Ideas

Draw an Egg

Or, alternatively, draw a set of eggs in a bowl. This is a practical way to draw an egg with a soft class graphite pencil. Focus on outlining and representing the three-dimensional form of the egg and developing your graduated shading skills. Learn Drawing Fundamentals: Accuracy, Values, & Light.

Draw a Feather

Cool drawing ideas of a feather that focuses upon detailing the individual parts and details of the feather. Use a fine line; they represent the different parts of the feather.

Apple or a Piece of Fruit

An apple can be drawn in several ways. One method is a blind contour pencil drawing of the outline or contour of the apple. An alternative approach is to draw a bowl of fruit where different shapes can be overlapped I love these ideas.

Cubist Still Life

Drawing tutorial Cubist Still Life

If you are interested in drawing ideas of still life, then consider completing a Cubist drawing of still life. Reduce the subject to its basic geometric shapes and draw it from alternative viewpoints.

A Set of Keys

This is another easy option if you are considering developing a range of drawing styles. Continuous line drawing or a focus upon the negative spaces within a composition drawing and exploring the subject.

A Pair of Shoes

Video How to Draw a Shoe

A continuous line drawing could be used to draw a pair of shoes. Focus upon different ways to draw shapes and rhythms created by the lases of the shoes, also draw the fine detail that is seen on the surface by worn leather. Read this drawing tutorial.

Table Lamp

Learn to draw in your sketchbook a shaded drawing that focuses on dark values of tone created by the cast shadows of a table lamp on a table. Try drawing the form of the objects and the cast shadows formed by a table lamp. Learn the Secrets of Shading with Steven Zapata.

Old Pair of Boots

This subject can take the form of a complete pencil drawing of the surface of worn leather boots. Center on representing the flaws of the exterior of the leather, the cords, and any covering marks with when applying the tone in graphite.

Draw a Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a mundane everyday object which could take the form of a quaint pencil study. Organize and position the books in a variety of ways to create visual interest. Books can be neatly stacked or leaned next to each other to create rhythm.

Still Life With Bottles

How to Draw a Simple Still Life Drawing

This is a traditional subject that can be developed using a variety of drawing methods and techniques. Using the base of the table for stability and organizing the basic shapes of the objects. Contour drawing or tonal sketching can be used to draw this subject. Watch my drawing tutorial in the video above.

Draw Children’s Toys

Drawing ideas based on imaginative shapes and bright colors children’s toys are an excellent choice for a drawing that incorporates color in different mediums. Color Pencils or Conte crayon are excellent choices for developing your drawings.

How To Draw A Cubist Picture

How To Draw A Cubist Picture

A Piece of Cake.

Drawing ideas which children love to learn to draw is cupcakes or slices of cake can be created in a variety of mixed media and tonal techniques. This is an easy drawing which children will enjoy is mixed media collage with color pencil.

A Pair of Glasses

Mundane and straightforward glasses or spectacles are perfect for producing blind contour drawings or cross contour drawings. Focus upon conveying the shape of the frame, lens, and glass. Also, look at the reflections on the lens.

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Draw a Table Top

Tabletops are a recurring theme in the tradition of the still life.

They are perfect for arranging lots of different types of objects, which can range from flowers to bottles and jugs. All of these ideas are suitable for linear drawings in a variety of techniques.


Children’s toys can offer great motivation for studies and sketches with color.

Concentrate on rendering with color pencils, these are ideal as they can be layered and blended to create impressive results if you are new to rendering in color pencil.

Read my post, Colored Pencils 30 Tips That Will Improve Your Drawing.


Musical instruments are particularly adept for creating cool drawing compositions acquired from simplified shapes or combinations of forms.

This would make great inspiration for flowing linear drawings in pen or ink.


Easy Drawing Ideas For Beginners
Easy Drawing Ideas

Continuing with the theme of musical inspiration and linear drawings.

The guitar, when positioned in various ways, would make an excellent source of inspiration for a Cubist composition or a tonal drawing.

Focus on overlapping shapes and integrated viewpoints.


Volin’s are excellent objects for modeling shape and form with shade and tint.

Use willow charcoal or a graphite stick to draw and emphasizing the shape and style of the violin in various viewpoints.

Vase with Flowers

Flowers are an excellent subject because you can quickly and readily incorporate ‘mistakes’ into your drawing without drastically affecting the end result.

Glass filled with Water

Watch another one of my drawing tutorials.

As a beginner, you will need to focus on a basic observational drawing of multiple and observed ellipses

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is seasonal which many people choose to draw during the festive season.

There are several basic drawing methods that you can represent a simple tree.

The simplest way of being a triangle drawn on top of a tree trunk. Details can then be added to the drawing to enhance its overall appearance.


In this drawing, you can focus on arranging the paintbrushes in different positions. Upright, flat or arranged in irregular combinations, paintbrushes both large and small make an excellent source of inspiration for drawing.

Unfolded Laundry

The creases and the folding of clothing and garments can make it a valid subject to draw. Look at and observe the shadows created by the various layers, textures, and surfaces to create drawings in a variety of media.

Chess Piece

How to Draw a Chess Piece

A chess piece is a cool drawing idea for a tonal shaded picture. Shade and value can be applied to the form of the chess piece to describe the shape of the object.

Dramatic lighting can also be used to create a strong use of directional shadows. You can also juxtapose different parts to create negative space and an interplay between the various chess pieces.

Draw an Old Arm Chair

The character of an old worn piece of furniture will make an excellent choice for a tonal study or a color pencil drawing. The Details of texture and color can be combined to create a picture from direct observation.


As a teacher, I know the subject of cake and sweets can really enthuse a class of young children. Make color and decoration the focus of your drawing. This subject is also great for developing into mixed media drawings with texture and color paper.

Drawing Ideas of People

Draw a Realistic Eye

Learn to draw the basic underlying form of the eye. Progress onto adding more detail on paper or in a sketchbook, focus onpupils and iris. Practice drawing a realistic eye by really focus on the details of shading and detail through observation while drawing.

Draw an Eye Crying

One of the best drawing ideas and things to draw is basic realistic drawing of an eye. Learn to draw from the basic front view. progress maybe progress onto the slightly more difficult subject of drawing a teardrop.

Draw an Eye Closed

Continue to develop your understanding of the human eye by drawing a closed eye. This drawing will extend your abilities to applying shade and tonal values on the eyelid.

Human Head with Hair

Practice drawing hair the right way, by drawing the form of the hair. Apply tone, shade, and exceptional detail to create a more realistic effect.

Person Swimming

This is a difficult subject for the beginner to attempt, so only do so when you are confident to be able to try it. Focus on the waves, splashes and water ripples to create the illusion of somebody swimming.

Pop Art Portrait

Look at the portraits of Lichenstein or Warhol and create a vivid portrait. A simple portrait using flat bold primary color with a bold line outline.

Draw a Skull

The human skull can be drawn in many ways, such as shading, line, and tone. The skull is a powerful symbol which has connotations relating to life and death. Skulls with flowers, skulls as tattoos, etc… There are many various alternatives that you could explore. Drawing tutorials click above.

Cubist Portrait

If you have become competent at drawing portraits from direct observation, an alternative option could be to make a Cubist Portrait. A place to start your design by drawing it from different angles, overlay, and integrate the different angles. Once you are satisfied with the overall design make sure to add tone and shading.


Easy things to draw include the face that is generally drawn and interpreted in various styles.

If you are looking to develop and create a portrait, then it is worth drawing in graphite the lips in isolation learn how to draw the underlying form of different aspects of the lips.

Person Writing

Drawing people or figure drawing is one of the more challenging subjects such as hands and portraiture for the beginner to master. However, if you are determined to learn to draw the human form then drawing it in different poses and positions is well worth a try.

A Person Climbing a Tree

Furthermore, progressing with your figure drawing should include drawing more challenging poses progressively. Action poses are an excellent way to achieve this with a person running or climbing offering an ideal subject.

Reclining Figure or Person

The reclining figure is a recurring theme which has been explored in various artistic mediums from drawing, paintings and the sculptures and carving of Henry Moore throughout history.

If you are looking to develop your figure drawing with the option of using different poses, this is another option you should definitely consider trying.

Figure drawing and drawing people is also ideal for trying out new techniques such as pastels or charcoal drawings.

Person Sitting on a Chair

This is another alternative pose which when broken down and reduced to its purest form will make an ideal pose for the beginner who is new to drawing people.

Old Person Face

Drawing expressive faces is a great way to add expression to your portraits. Old people, in particular, offer a great subject to draw in terms of the lines of expression and the shape of their facial features. Hackney’s portrait of his mother is an excellent example of how to draw an old lady for example.

A Famous Person From History

Continue with the cool drawing theme of portraiture to draw a portrait of any famous person. Your portrait can be developed in a stylized manner may be, such a Pop Art portrait using bold lines and vivid background colors.

Happy Clown

Clowns can be a controversial character to draw. As for drawing ideas, people either love or hate. One exciting idea here is the draw a self-portrait. Using a mirror and makeup dress up as a clown and create a vivid depiction as yourself using a color pencil or watercolor.

Scary Clown

You can take the idea of drawing a clown a stage further by drawing a creepy clown by changing the appearance of the makeup and the features of the face.


Learning to draw the proportions of the human body and portraiture is a critical skill that all graphite artists need to become adept at. Illustrating the portions of children and, in particular, is different from that of a fully grown adult.

So attempt to draw a cute baby portrait either from direct observation or drawing from a secondary source. Focus on achieving the correct proportions of the head and face and try to portrait this accurately through your drawings.

Draw a Girl

Drawing portraits of children can be a great drawing to develop as a portrait artist. Again, use this exercise to draw of the proportions of the head and face.

Draw a Boy

This could be a drawing of a young boys face, or a small boy playing. Focus upon portraying the character of the child through your drawing. This can be achieved with a detailed observational drawing or a linear drawing.

Old Man

Drawing ideas based on portraiture can be challenging in the level of detail that can be conveyed on the face of an older person.

Focus on going beyond the conventional idea of conveying the relationships of the features and head and concentrate upon the character of the face and the personality expressed through the drawing of the peculiar characteristics and wrinkles.

Old Woman

Often the characteristics of the male and female facial features can appear quite different. So in this representation learn to draw by solely conveying the feminine features on your portrait.

Two People Kissing

Try portraying two characters instead of one, is a tricky thing to draw when sketching portraits. If you are looking for a challenge, then drawing two people kissing will clearly be challenging.

Think especially around how to position and heads relative to each other and combine characteristics and tone.


Action figures and characters moving are cool drawing subjects from which to draw and generate drawing ideas.

Focus on the location and posture of the figures you have decided to imitate in your sketch to create a more compelling sense of movement in your pictures.

As with all action figures reducing them to their purest basic form and shapes will make the process of drawing the human form much more straightforward.

Learn How to Draw a Judo Champion

If you have attempted to draw an individual action figure, then it is reasonable that you may wish to develop your drawing skills in a more advanced manner.

Drawing pair of judo figures is just such a challenge. Begin by drawing the contour of each individual character, depending on the level and amount of detail you wish to add tone and value to your drawings.

Finally drawing draw speed or motion line to create the illusion of moving action figures. For more information about how to draw speed lines read this post, How to draw speed lines in pen.

Person Running or Sprinting

For these action figures concentrate on how to draw action and motion lines.

Additionally, you can draw movement by depicting motion shapes, and motion blurs to develop to active effects in your compositions.

Native Indian

Drawing figures and portraiture of indigenous civilizations past and present can result in the reproduction of remarkably representations and drawing.

Focus on costume, hair, and makeup to create what can be compelling portraits.

Draw a Hand

Of all the appendages and parts of the human form, hands are described by many the be one of the trickiest to draw.

To create an effective drawing of the hand in different positions.

You will need to begin a chosen method that will supply you with an uncomplicated process for drawing them. study this drawing tutorial.

For additional information read my post, How to Draw Hands Step by Step.

Draw a Self Portrait

Self-portraits can be created in many styles employing a variety of materials and techniques.

Practicing using a mirror, you can create a unique self-portrait in graphite, color pencil or charcoal.

Consider your viewpoint and situation and how this will ultimately affect your completed drawing.

Do you want to draw a close up viewpoint or the whole of the face?

Mark a point on the mirror to help position your pose when you need to move away from the mirror.

Draw a Caricature

A convenient way to produce a caricature of a famous person is to find a photograph and practice drawing the features of the face while under a strict time limit.

A caricature is usually drawn quickly under a time limit of two or three minutes so you will need to become familiar with your subject before and while you are drawing it.

Concentrate on illustrating the characteristic peculiarities of the individual such as the eyes, nose, and mouth to create the likeness you are trying to resemble.

Easy Drawing Ideas of Nature & landscape

The Surface of Water

Drawing water waves

This is a subject which can be attempted in several ways.

Produce a shaded drawing, or alternatively, an oil pastel are both techniques which are sympathetic to the depiction of reflections, waves, and ripples.

Draw a Water Wave

The power of the sea or the coastline is a subject that many artists have sought to depict and represent through their artwork.

Read my post, ‘How to draw water, waves, and ripples.

Garden Scene

If you are looking to represent nature or the scenery through your drawing, but do not have access to a scenic viewpoint, then you should consider creating an illustration of a garden scene. 

Try to combine all of the different components in the garden such as wildflowers, bushes and higher details such as trees if the garden has them.

Create a Blind Contour Drawing of a Winter Tree

Deciduous trees during winter offer particular characteristics to draw, with a labyrinth of exposed forks, branches and twigs contrasting with the stark winter sky.

Here is a subject fitting for portraying in various materials, such as charcoal, graphite, or conite crayon. watch this drawing tutorial in the video below.

Tree Covered in Snow

Continue with the literal or natural representation of wintertime trees consider a dark winter landscape with snow-covered buildings and trees.

A Scene from a Shop or Cafe

Urban scenery or a cityscape gives the artist a multitude of distinct choices to work from and produce drawings. A cafe scene is a typical example of a street scene full of various ideas and people going about their everyday business.

Scenic Viewpoint

For people prepared to visit, or with access to the country unearthing great locations to draw isn’t tough. Watch out for scenes which combine the various characteristics in the landscape, the horizon, and streams.

These features can all be orchestrated to create striking compositions. For further information, see my article Tips for Drawing Landscape Vistas.

The View Through a Doorway

Many accomplished and famous artists have chosen to explore viewpoints through their drawings. Use the doorway as a frame to enclose the contents of the picture space and entice the viewers’ eyes to the focus of the picture plane.

Shooting Star

Easy drawing of shooting stars elicits movement and the enchantment of space and the heavens. This is a cool drawing subject for younger children to draw and explore helping them strengthen their creativity and drawing skills.

Palm Tree

Many people frequently search how to draw a palm tree, as is seems so strikingly different from an ordinary tree. Especially when you consider the crown of the tree is comprised of many-layered slices of leaves.


Draw a Dragons Eye

This is an excellent choice for drawing a dragons eye and color pencil drawing where specific colors can be layered and blended together. Focus on the scales of the dragons around the eye and the pupil of the dragons eye itself.


Of all the birds of prey that people choose to illustrate the eagle is probably the most popular. This is a perfect subject for graphic illustrators who are contemplating a photo-realistic illustration to a bird of prey.


Illustrations and drawing or polar scenes are ideal for exploring the visual effects of cooling and cold colors in color pencils.


The drawing of running animals is a favorite choice of subject for many people, and if you are looking for an animal to draw a running horse is an excellent choice.


Drawing a favorite pet past or present is also choose if you want to learn to draw from a secondary source. This is an excellent way to either produce an accurate reproduction from a photograph.


A drawing of a zebra would make an excellent image of a moving animal. This is also a great way to practice drawing motion or speed lines in your pictures if you are looking to develop this aspect of your drawing.


Draw a portrait of a tigers head, concentrate on the features of the head close up. Remember to draw from a secondary reference as depicting a tiger close up from life is probably not advisable!


Monkey portrait has a certain charm, and you can find many in the national geographic Encylopedia.


The extraordinary grace of the King of the jungle makes an excellent choice for illustrative artists looking to produce illustrations of animals.

Leopard Face

This is a fantastic idea for a detail color pencil drawing of the leopards head. Again focus on the proportions of the face and head and progress onto applying detail.


Fish and goldfish, in particular, offer an elegant and decorative subject to study and draw. Focus and concentrate on the form of the fish as the fins and tailpieces of the fish as these make excellent topics to represent and render in your artwork.


How to draw a shark

Staying with an aquatic theme and fish and sharks are favorite subjects which young children. The grid method is an easy way to draw sharks by making drawing the different parts of the shark step by step.

My Favourite Drawing Resources

General Drawing Courses. I really like Udemy if you are looking to develop your knowledge of drawing techniques Udemy is an excellent choice due to its wide range of creative courses and excellent refund policy. They often have monthly discounted deals for new customers, which you can check here. Use my link.

Sketching and Collage. Take a look at this sketching resource I have created. Use this link.

Proko. Is one of my favorite teachers who surpasses in the teaching of Anatomy and Figure drawing. Prokos course breaks down the drawing of the human body into easy-to-follow components aiding the beginner to make rapid progress. For this, I really like Proko.

Art Easels. One of my favorite ways to draw is by using a drawing easel, which develops the skill of drawing on a vertical surface. The H frame easel is an excellent vertical easel way to add variety to the style and type of marks you create when using a drawing board.

To see all of my most up-to-date recommendations, check out this resource I made for you.


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