The Best Online Drawing Courses that are Actually Worth the Money

Best Online Drawing Courses Updated 2022

Are you looking for the best online drawing courses? If you are, then you need to take the time to learn about any online drawing course you are considering taking. You need to choose a reputable educator and choose a course that will provide you with valuable knowledge and insights, as well as a solid base of technical skills. Check these best-selling video drawing course materials on

So, you can either rely on self-improvement, but for the average person that will only take them so far. If you are at a point where you feel it will take more than just practice to get better, then it’s time to get some outside help. That’s why learning about the best online drawing courses is so important.

What is the Best Online Drawing Site?

Why should you take an online drawing course? First, it’s convenient. Who has time to get up and go to lectures or art class? With work and family commitments, it’s hard to find time to do something like exploring your creativity and artistic side. But, you still need to find time to do it! That’s why an online art class is a great option. 

For another thing, every artist can always afford to grow and expand their skills. If you think you know it all, you’re wrong. Taking an online drawing class where you can interact with others, download materials and get feedback, can be an invaluable tool to help you grow as an artist.

If you’re ready to set started, reading the review below can help you to find the best online drawing courses. Here is a breakdown of some of the features of these courses:

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Proko: Anatomy Of The Human Body

Prokos Premium Drawing Courses
Prokos Premium Drawing Courses

What separates the work of an experienced artist from that of an amateur? A solid understanding of anatomy and figure drawing. In order to understand how the human form moves, and how it looks in various poses, you need a solid understanding of life drawing and anatomy. Click here to view online course details Proko Anatomy for Artists

You need to know how muscles move, which direction joints rotate in, and how everything works together to grant us our mobility. Having an understanding of how the human body works is an essential skill that all artists who produce figure drawing should have.

Are Art Easels Good For Drawing?

Are Art Easels Good For Drawing?

With this course, you’ll learn everything there is to know about human anatomy, as it pertains to what an artist needs to know. This class delivers exactly that. It’s taught by Stan Prokopenko, an accomplished fine art painter. You’ll discover not just what muscle groups are in a human body, but how they are layered, and how they move together. 

You’ll be shown how there are many different types of human bodies, and of course, you’ll also learn the technical skills required to be able to draw them realistically. It’s often little things that can make a big difference, and this course will go over all of this.

You’ll be given assignments that will be checked by an expert instructor to ensure that you understand the concepts you are learning and that you can execute them. You’ll be able to see 3D models directly in your web browser that illustrate each lesson you are learning. Being able to see the human form in 3D gives students the ability to fully understand how it moves and how each pose should be illustrated. 

These are 3D models of human anatomy, further underscoring the importance of understanding how anatomy works so that an artist can draw realistic figures. An eBook version of each lesson is available to download, giving students an invaluable resource that they can turn to when they need some guidance in the future.

How Does Proko Compare To Other Online Classes

If you are interested you can learn to draw realistically the human figure, then this is probably the best online course you will ever find. It’s a comprehensive online art class and covers just about anything you could possibly want to know about drawing the human form. With assignments so you can practice what you learn, as well as 3D models you can study, there isn’t another online course you’ll find that offers a more in-depth study of the human form available online.

How Much Does Anatomy Of The Human Body

Anatomy of the Human Body charges a $99 fee. That’s a one-time fee. After completing the course, you’ll retain access to all of the instructional videos.

What are the Pros of these Courses?

As an artist, you are probably a visual learner. You need to see it and try it to understand it. This course has you covered. Access to 3D models of human anatomy gives you an in-depth understanding of how each part of the body works. This allows you to learn to draw human figures that are posed realistically. You get access to instructional videos after completing the course. The course only costs $99, which is a bargain for the vast amount of information that will be covered. You’ll get feedback from an expert that will help you to take your figure drawing to the next level. You’ll be able to further your education as an artist by taking classes without having to leave your home.

Proko: Portrait Drawing Fundamentals

For any artist, drawing a portrait is one of the most challenging endeavors. While it’s true that some people have a natural talent for it, most of us have to put in countless hours of work in order to develop our abilities. Why is it so difficult to draw a portrait? That’s simply because there’s so little room for error.

When drawing a tree, for example, if you make small mistakes, they’ll likely go unnoticed. But if you make a mistake when drawing a portrait, it’s going to stand out. The human face is the most recognizable thing in the world, so a human face that seems off will definitely be noticed. Drawing a human fact that has an accurate likeness is even more difficult. Fortunately, after taking this course, you should have all the tools you need to be able to draw realistic human faces from any angle. Click here to view details for Prokos Portrait Drawing Course

Portrait Drawing Fundamentals covers precisely what its name implies it would cover, the fundamentals of drawing a human face. You’ll spend time learning about the anatomy of a face and focus on drawing eyes, noses, mouths, and ears. Once you are finished with this course, you should have a more thorough understanding of how to draw a human face. This knowledge will, in turn, help you to learn how to draw human faces that actually look like specific people!

You’ll learn the Loomis method for drawing a human head, a drawing technique which is used extensively by Stan Prokopenko in his own work. This will give you the ability to draw a realistic human head from any angle and still achieve correct proportions. 

You’ll learn how to draw realistic and life-like eyes. When you can draw an eye that looks real, you’ll be able to help bring your portraits to life. Do you have trouble drawing hair? Many artists do, and they do because their general approach is wrong. With this course, you’ll learn the proper way to draw hair realistically.

How Does It Compare To Other Online Courses

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to draw the human head, you are out of luck here. This is a drawing course that takes you to the beginning and helps you to learn how to draw the right way. 

You’ll learn proportion, and how to adjust the proportions of your drawings based upon the model you are drawing from. You’ll gain a thorough enough knowledge of the anatomy of a human head that you will be able to draw from imagination without a model and still achieve realistic results. Are there other online art courses you can take to learn how to draw a portrait? Yes. Are any as comprehensive as this one? That’s very doubtful.

You will learn the Loomis method for drawing portraits. The Loomis method is widely considered to be the best portrait drawing approach. It is effective, and once you learn it, you’ll be able to draw human faces at different angles in a very realistic manner.

You are getting so much knowledge for so little money! You’ll be able to follow along with detailed videos that will give you a step-by-step guide on how to draw a portrait.

Udemy: Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course–Beginner To Advanced

Are you looking for an online art course that will take you from the very beginning of your artistic journey to the point where you’ll be able to produce professional-quality illustrations? Well, you’ve found it! As an artist, you probably already know that there is a certain amount of natural talent that you, and others like you, have.

Being artistic is something that most artists have as a natural talent. But, not everyone develops that talent. Except for very rare people, every artist needs to spend time honing their craft to be able to produce professional quality work. This course will help you to do just that. Click here to view the details The Ultimate Portrait Drawing Course – Beginner to advanced

Who would benefit from taking this online art course? Anyone that wants to further develop their drawing skills. Whether this will be the first art class you ever take, or you are a seasoned professional, this art course can give you what you need. It’s not too advanced for beginners, but it’s also challenging enough for experienced artists. What will you learn?

You’ll learn the anatomy of the human eye, and how to draw it correctly. This will include learning how light reacts with the eye, and how reflections and shadows are cast. You’ll learn about how line width, length, and form and help you to define a drawing. 

Exercises, including contour drawings, will help you to do so. You’ll learn shape and form fundamentals. Here you will learn how to break down objects you see into simpler shapes that you can then use to accurately sketch out a drawing. With this accurate initial sketch as a foundation, you can then render out a much more realistic final drawing. You’ll learn about values and contrast. Learning how light affects highlights, mid-tones, and shadows on an object will give you the ability to draw objects that look three dimensional.

You’ll learn about perspective and how to maintain proper perspective from different angles. You’ll spend an extensive amount of time learning how to sketch out and then render still life drawings. Still life drawings may not be the most exciting drawings to produce, but they help you to develop the skills you will need to go on to more challenging subjects. You’ll practice drawing fruits and vegetables and building and learn how to use a photograph as a reference for your drawings.

You’ll learn how to use different shading techniques to add value to your drawing. Understanding light and shadow is essential, but if you don’t have the necessary skills to render them, then this understanding won’t help you. You’ll learn the value of creating thumbnail sketches to quickly get your ideas down on paper, and how the process can be used to help you to choose a great design.

You’ll also learn about composition, and how you can arrange people and objects in your drawings to create an exciting and dynamic scene. You’ll learn how to create texture when you draw, which adds another level of realism to your work. You’ll spend time learning to draw the human face and figure drawing, which two of the more challenging subjects that an artist can take on.

How Does It Compare To Other Online Courses

Ultimate Drawing Courses–Beginner To Advanced will help you to develop a solid, well-rounded set of skills as an artist. You won’t focus on any one area, you’ll study all aspects of drawing. This makes this course ideal for people who are just starting out, as well as for people that need a refresher course and fell a need to sharpen their skills.

Price Range

The standard price for this course is $149.99, but they do have sales that offer significant discounts of up to 92% off.

Pros of this Online Course

A well-rounded course that covers a lot of materials. The courses are detail-oriented and proceed at a pace that should allow any student to keep up. Focus is placed on learning everything that you’ll need to develop into an outstanding visual artist. The course ambitiously attempts to give you the ability to produce professional-caliber artwork, which means that it is challenging and comprehensive. For more details about drawing ideas read my post: Easy Drawing Ideas.

Cons of this Particular Course

Covers a lot of material, but doesn’t go into excessive depth on some areas such as shading.

Udemy Character Art School: Complete Character Drawing

Not all artists want to draw the human form realistically. Many artists enjoy drawing topics like cartoons or comic book-inspired characters. But, just because these characters aren’t phot-realistic, doesn’t mean that it’s easy to create them. 

Udemy Character School: Complete Character Drawing

Being able to draw a cartoon or comic book characters that look realistic enough to be recognizable, but are still stylized takes skill. It takes training, as well. Fortunately, this is one course that will provide you with everything you need to know to be able to create a fantastic cartoon or comic book drawingsClick here to view Character Anatomy School: Complete Skeletal Drawing Course

You’ll learn to understand the theory of drawing. Anyone can make marks on a paper, but not everyone can learn to make marks on a paper that creates forms and characters. Natural talent plays a role in being able to do this, but without the right instruction to hone those talents, you’ll never reach your full potential. You’ll go over the fundamentals of art in general. You’ll spend some time learning the fundamentals of drawing.

You’ll learn about character forms and proportions. Whether you want to create a stylized character that is only slightly cartoon-like in appearance or one that is very cartoon-like, it all comes down to proportions. You’ll learn how to create gestures and expressions that will bring your characters to life.

You’ll learn the proper process of creating characters. Yes, you can just draw your character in pencil. But, if you are looking to breathe life into your characters, you’ll need to refine them. That means using inks and colors to create a finalized drawing. You’ll learn how to create characters that are interesting and well-designed. You’ll learn how to draw hair and clothe and how wind and gravity affect their appearance, even when they are cartoons. You’ll learn how to create pages featuring your characters that are properly laid out with a good sense of design.

How Does It Compare To Other Online Classes

Comic book and cartoon art are very popular right now. If you go to the movies, you’ll undoubtedly find many comic book movies a year, as well as multiple cartoons. With this style of art being so popular, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of cartoons and comic book art courses online right now. But, few, if any, are as comprehensive as this one is. You’ll learn everything there is to know about creating characters, and when you are finished, your skill at doing so should be vastly improved.

Comprehensive, covering just about anything you could imagine regarding character design. Learning how to design characters will allow you the ability to create your own original idea and bring them to life. It gives you a solid foundation in understanding how to use proportion to create different types of characters. You’ll learn how to make rough sketches and transform them into finished pieces of art.

This is a course that focuses on character design. If you are looking to create realistic drawings, it’s not the right option for you.

Udemy: The Art & Science Of Drawing/Basic Skills

Are you a beginner artist? Well, welcome to this exciting new phase in your life! You are a blank slate in need of guidance to help you turn your talent and passion into an ability to produce fantastic art. If you are ready to start developing your talent.

The Art & Science Of Drawing/Basic Skills course is a great place to start. If you want to be a great artist, you need a solid foundation in the basics. If you don’t have that solid foundation, then any skills you develop will be built upon flawed skills. Click here to view details, The Art & Science of Drawing / Basic Skills

This is a simple and easy to follow course, that is designed for absolute beginners. If you’ve never picked up a pencil and drawn anything in your life before, that’s okay. You’ll start out with the basics here and develop a solid understanding of them. Every step of the process here is designed to be simple and easy to follow. 

The instructors realize that even the most basic art concepts may be beyond the knowledge of the students who take this course, and they plan it accordingly.

How Does It Compare To Others

If you are looking for a basic, introductory drawing course that will help you to get your feet wet, you can’t go wrong here. It can’t be stressed enough though that this is not a class for advanced or even intermediate students. This course is meant for people that are just starting out on their artistic journey. Anyone that gets this course who is wanting to learn the basics of drawing should be very satisfied. For students looking for more advanced lessons covering a broader range of subjects, other options are more suitable.

Simple, easy to follow instructions designed for people with no training whatsoever to follow. This course focuses on teaching you the basics and giving you a solid foundation that you can build upon.

While the course material covering the basics of drawing is very useful to beginners, they are far less helpful to experienced artists. In fact, experienced artists may find the course to be a bit dull due to a lack of more advanced concepts.

Skillshare Character Illustration: Facial Expressions, Figures & Clothing

Character Illustration: Facial Expressions, Figures & Clothing

How would you like to learn character illustration from someone that actually does it for a living? Well, that’s what this course will offer you. The instructor is Gabriel Picolo, a professional and well-known illustrator. In this character illustration course, he’ll share some of the tips and tricks he uses to create dynamic and exciting character illustrations and figure drawing.

You’ll learn how to draw the 4 key expressions. Expressions are everything when you are drawing cartoons or comics, and this course will teach you how to draw them. The approach is simple, easy to follow, and very effective. You’ll learn how to design characters that exude personality. 

Who likes dull cartoon characters? Well, probably boring people. But for most people, cartoon characters that have personality and charisma are the most appealing. Gabriel video classes will show you how to design characters like this. You’ll learn how to create poses that are fluid and convey a strong sense of motion.

How Does It Compare To Other Drawing Courses

This is a basic, entry-level drawing course that teaches you how to design and draw cartoon characters. It’s easy to follow and will teach you the basics. There are more advanced courses available elsewhere, but if you just want to get started drawing cartoon characters this is a great place to start your journey. You’ll learn a lot of the basics including how to create characters with personality.

Free! Well, free to new users that is. New users get their first month free, it’s very hard to beat that price. This gives you a chance to try out these courses and see if they are the right fit for you. If they are, then you can subscribe. If not, no harm is done.

Easy to follow the course that teaches you how to create interesting characters. Teaches you the basics of character illustration so you can get started.

There are numerous lessons that touch on many areas of character illustration, but they don’t go into a tremendous amount of depth. If you are looking for a broad explanation of concepts, it’s great, but for a more detailed experience, you should look elsewhere.


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